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3D animation about NASCON Nano Soil Consolidation

Every solid soil shares the tendency of diagenesis i.e. loose grains “coming together” to form solid rock. What is required in order to achieve the above with the application of the natural manner is a very long period of time accompanied by high pressure.

Nevertheless, the acceleration of the aforementioned process is possible with the application of activating compounds. The basic role within the aforementioned process is performed by the issues of the activeness of the surface of soil particles as well as the phenomenon of the ion exchange. Introduction of activation components into the soil, as the result of electrostatic influence, leads to the exchange of ions upon the border surface as well as to the absorption of activators upon the negatively charged surface of particles with the parallel direction of the hydrophobe section outside of the system.

The described phenomenon result in the fact that the surface of the soil particle becomes impenetrable for water.Thanks to the above two phenomena stop to occur within the soil. First of all – the soil particles looses the possibility for the bonding of water molecules upon its surface, the fact which leads to the situation of distortion and removal of the so far existing and very difficult for elimination, the bubble of condensed water. The previous wedge removing influence of water bubbles imposed upon the particles of soil ceases and soil particles come closer together. Second of all- the lack of adhesion eliminates the occurrence of capillary absorption or capillary elevation of water through the system of pores located within the soil.

This is the essence of the consolidation technology along with the description of the effect achieved by the components CONSOLID444®, SOLIDRY® as well as DUOSOLID® which are incorporated within the solution of NASCON TECHNOLOGY.
The physical reactions induced by the CONSOLID444®, SOLIDRY®, DUOSOLID® additives, along with the physical reactions are irrevocable and the soil permanently changes its characteristics thanks to which we may achieve:
- more effective obtainment of the maximal compaction,
- limitation of capillary absorption which ensures adequate frost resistance,
- increase of the angle of internal friction, the increase of cohesion and as the result load capacity,
- decrease of shrinkage and swelling,
- lowering of the plasticity coefficient,
- lowering of the filtration coefficient,
- significant decrease of water absorption.


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