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BioMaxima - innovative company from Poland

BioMaxima is a company of Polish equity which operates within the broadly understood area of biotechnology, upon the market of laboratory diagnostics. The company is one of the two key domestic manufacturers of reagents applied in the process of in vitro diagnostics.

All of the Company products meet the highest quality standards and requirements. For 2 years now Biomaxima in a consequent manner executes the consolidation of Polish companies operating within the area of laboratory diagnostics. Thanks to the financial assets obtained upon the Warsaw Stock Exchange we purchased the companies of Biofarm, Polap and most recently Emapol - said Henryk Lewczuk - Chairman.

The company also conveys the activity of the distributor of products of renowned worldwide diagnostics products of such companies as amongst others Nova Biomedical, Mitsubishi Chemical, Dirui. We supply products to more than 200 laboratories all over Poland. We also export to the markets of Austria, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia. The company vision is constituted by the structuring of company value as well as competitive advantage through the greatest economical effectiveness characteristic for the industry, innovatory products, non-standard solutions, thanks to the passion and engagement of highly qualified and motivated specialists.

The current company Vision is above all connected to the entering new export markets, therefore our presence upon a number of prestigious international trade fairs.  The offer of our Company encompasses the series of products ranging from diagnostics reagents up to the examination of biochemical parameters of blood as well as other bodily fluids along with analyzers, quick diagnostics tests to be applied in the process of diagnosing of infectious diseases, tumor markers, stroke and heart attack markers, intoxification agents along with readers, urine analysis systems, ion selective analyzers along reagents to be applied with immunology analyzers of cardiology markers, professional use glucometres as well as analyzers for gasometric examinations as well as critical blood parameters.

Thanks to the merger with Emapol in 2012 the company of Biomaxima extended its manufacturing offer with bacteriology supporting beds, antibiotic discs as well as medicine resistance mechanism identification tests. The mission of the company of BioMaxima is constituted by the close co-operation with laboratories based upon the highest quality reagents and tests, diagnostics devices at the highest worldwide level as well as offering help and advice. The company received a number of prizes and distinctions. From 2010 it is noted upon the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange


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